Transport of the submarine ORP Sokół

This time we were chosen to secure the bases for the transport of the ORP Sokół submarine from Pomeranian Quay to the Naval Museum in Gdynia. This unusual event, despite the bad weather, gathered crowds of spectators. A few days before the scheduled transport, we delivered and installed nearly 4,500m2 of various types of panels: Aluminium, Steel, wooden Metrum3 and Metrum5 and Flex Deck. The panels were intended to protect the urban substrates and minimise damage from the more than 400 tonnes of transport. The high accumulation of underground utilities especially the city’s heat pipes under Linden Avenue led us to use Aluminium panels on this section. The boat itself, weighing around 370 tonnes, was transported using SPMT-type self-propelled vehicles. The meticulously prepared passage required the orchestration of several specialist companies, which carried out the entire operation safely in just a few days. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this spectacular transport!