Korytnica, wind farm

Another successful implementation using different types of road plates as temporary ground protection. This time we had to deal with a waterlogged meadow in the Korytnica area. With Metrum and Aluminium slabs, we built a gentle descent from the asphalt road, and avoided the worst terrain conditions, then a long straight line with Strong slabs, and finally just before the wind turbine locally with Steel slabs. This enabled our client to avoid the costly and time-consuming preparation of the local road access. A 12 tonne/axle wheeled crane, transports with ballasts and bulky deliveries with power plant blades, which prefer gentle longitudinal gradients, were able to drive on the road we constructed without difficulty. For the construction, we used only the road slabs we offer, so there is no need to restore the site to its original state after completion as after using typical road materials. Thank you to Iberdrola for your trust!