New type of Heavy Deck panels

We’re on holiday, and it’s a good time for relaxation and entertainment. Our new lightweight type of ground protection is a safe and convenient solution for outdoor events.
Heavy Deck Panels, as they are referred to, are designed for light vehicle loads, but especially for foot traffic. These panels allow water to flow through, so they do not disturb the vegetation on the ground. In addition, they are transparent, which means that they allow more sunlight through than other solutions available on the market. They allow any surface arrangement and are also ideal for lightweight ground protection inside temporary structures such as tents and exhibition halls.
Heavy Deck Panels have already had their baptism of fire at the first events in Poland and abroad. They were used at a mass event in Jastrzębie Zdrój on the occasion of JSW’s 30th anniversary, a concert in Hungary and, most recently, a rock festival in Slovakia.